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You Are Not Alone

Working side by side with the Christian community, Saga provides information, resources, and support that empowers churches and mental health professionals to serve anyone in our community who struggles with emotional, relational or mental illness.

Saga's services include mental health resources, church care support, and educational opportunities. Our mental health services begin with individual consultation and referral to one of our independent professional therapists. We also offer ongoing group support for clients and their families. Saga's partner therapists all subscribe to our vision, mission, and philosophy, and understand how to align effective treatment with faith.

Saga's partner clinicians play a critical role in ensuring the fidelity of Saga's mental health services. Our partner clinicians promise to treat clients with respect, compassion and understanding. They work with clients in order to integrate their emotional, relational and mental health challenges with their journey of faith. 

Saga's Treatment Philosophy

At Saga, our partner clinicians affirm that every person should be treated with respect and compassion. Every person is a person of value with a life that has meaning and purpose. We believe that all people are created for, and shaped by, relationships, and that we are all part of a family of human brokenness and suffering. 

We understand that mental illness and human pathology originate in a complex biological, psychological, relational, cultural and spiritual context. Therefore, we seek to provide our community with the highest professional standard of care. The therapeutic relationship is centered on the responsibility to finding a moral response to life's challenges.

We believe the healing relationship is experienced in the community of graceful acceptance, where compassion and empathy light the path to what is fundamentally true and real within us.

By embracing our own stories we can make peace with our past, be more integrated and mindful in the present, and better capable of living up to our future potential.

What Saga Offers

  • Referral to a therapist who understands how to work within a paradigm of faith

  • Therapists who have expertise in a variety of specialties, including:

    • Family and couples' therapy​

    • Trauma therapy

    • Eating disorders

    • Addictions

    • Mood disorders

    • Personality disorders

  • Therapists who use a variety of approaches, tailored to meet the needs of each individual client

  • Support groups, facilitated by Saga partner therapists, designed to support clients and their families throughout the therapeutic process

  • Ongoing educational opportunities, where clients can learn more about mental health issues, treatments, and the journey to mental health

For more information or to be referred for therapy, contact Saga at
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