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The Critical Role of the Partner Therapist

Saga’s partner clinicians play a critical role in ensuring  the fidelity of Saga’s mental health services. We trust our clinicians to treat clients with respect, compassion, and understanding. We rely on our partner clinicians to work  with clients in order to integrate their emotional, relational and mental health challenges with their journey of faith. And we work hard to support our partner clinicians in their unique role with Saga. 

Saga’s team of Lead Clinicians offers ongoing support for partner therapists. The team conducts monthly support meetings, where clinicians have a chance to  share with each other, learn from each other, and support one another. The Lead  Clinicians also work with the team to design and deliver ongoing training and  continuing education relevant to each clinician’s work. Specific training, focused  on the integration of mental health treatment and Christian faith, is a key component of Saga’s work with its team of partner clinicians. 

Saga’s Director of Mental Health Services, working with the Lead Clinical Team,  offers additional support to partner clinicians. Often, clerical or administrative  support is also available. In short, Saga endeavors to do everything possible to  support our partner clinicians as they provide services to their clients, especially  those referred through Saga’s intake process. 

The Opportunities Saga Provides

Saga’s partner clinicians receive a host of benefits and opportunities. 

Client referrals 

We anticipate approximately 150 referrals within the first six months, as we work  with our partner churches. Each of these referrals will be matched with a partner clinician, who will provide services directly. 

Opportunities to create and facilitate therapeutic support groups 

Saga will compensate its partner therapists who are interested in facilitating  support groups for Saga clients. These groups may target whatever issues are  pertinent to current clients, and will be conducted at Saga’s group facility. 


Regular professional support 

Saga’s Lead Clinical team, Saga’s Mental Health Services Director, and the entire  team of partner clinicians create a supportive professional environment for  otherwise independent clinicians. Monthly meetings and other opportunities  provide time and space for collaboration and support. 

Creative opportunities for leadership and influence 

Saga partner clinicians are invited to participate in creating and facilitating  

educational opportunities related to their specific area(s) of expertise. Saga  partner clinicians also have the opportunity to work with counseling interns, and  to mentor the next generation of mental health professionals. 


Opportunities for continuing education and training 

Saga offers courses, some for continuing education credit, targeting mental  health professionals. Saga partner clinicians get preferred enrollment in the  courses of their choice.  



Saga offers its partner clinicians advertising on Saga’s website. 

For more information about partnering with Saga as a clinician, please contact Susanna Bundy at

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