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Dr. Hill's areas of expertise are: depression, anxiety, trauma, family conflict, stress management/burnout, crisis intervention, chronic stress and the impact on the mind and body, meditation, mindfulness, and areas of somatic awareness. Dr. Hill is trained in EMDR and Gottman Couples Therapy.


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Dr. Patricia Hill, PhD

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About Me

Clients often seek me out as a Christian and a psychologist because they are looking
for someone who comes to God for direction and has a nonsecular perspective - a view
of humanity and the world that we live in that is biblically based.

My treatment approach is dependent upon each individual and situation. I am
integrative and use cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, emotion focused, mindfulness-
based, and trauma focused approaches.

My faith as a Christian overrides any theoretical approach I have learned or use. I
believe that each person is a unique creation of God and that we all struggle with
common human conditions on this earth. I feel blessed and grateful for each client that I
am able to work with and help to find healing and growth.

Contact Dr. Hill


Therapy Hill |
5655 Lindero Cyn Rd, Ste 726
Westlake Village CA 91362

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