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Our Services

Mental Health Services

Saga's confidential services are available to individuals and families with or without a referral from a Saga partner church. Saga helps meet the needs of those who need help, while connecting them to support from people of faith.

Classes and Seminars

Saga organizes and facilitates classes and seminars for interested members of the partner church community as well as the general public. Selected courses are designed in partnership with church leaders and address topics of specific interest to their members. 

Saga also facilitates classes and seminars on a variety of mental health-focused topics, including trauma, addiction, suicide and common mental illnesses.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Saga courses and seminars for mental health professionals are often presented in partnership with university programs and provide CEU credit for participants. Through these course offerings, Saga seeks to help professionals develop greater skill in working with the faith community.

Partner Church Support Services

Saga provides ongoing support for pastors, along with confidential care for pastors and their families. We help churches form care groups, based on their needs and priorities, and we support church care ministry leaders.

Educational Resources

Saga offers educational resources and materials in digital and hard-copy formats. Some materials are applicable to anyone interested, others target mental health professionals, and others are intended for pastors and church leaders. 

What Our Partner Churches Say


Philip Davis, Real Life Church Canyon Country Campus Pastor

I work on staff at Real Life Church. I’ve been in full time ministry for 10 years. And for 10 years, I’ve neglected my mental health until this year. Being a pastor, you’re supposed to have the answers and have your stuff in order. Well, for most of us, that’s not the case. I let this go on for almost a decade before I finally saw my first therapist. When I came to work at RLC, I knew I wanted to keep my mental health in check, having seen the freedom that it offers. Real Life Church was passionate about making that happen. They partnered with SAGA and made therapy available to myself AND my family. What a special gift. And it’s one my family is taking advantage of.

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