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Spencer Posey


Spencer Posey

Hi there! My name is Spencer Posey. I am a Jesus follower, husband, father, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been practicing in the field of Mental health since 2019. My professional contexts in this field include university settings, addiction treatment centers, and private practice. As a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist my primary focus is on walking with others as they pursue freedom from compulsive porn use and other unwanted sexual behaviors. Supporting couples as they heal from infidelity has been a secondary focus of mine. I also have extensive experience in working with people through trauma (EMDR trained), general marital conflicts, anxiety, depression, and crises of faith and worldview. What drives me in my work with those I serve is leaning on biblical truths to dismantle shame and elevate awareness of and connection with the loving kindness of Jesus. I find the whole of Zechariah 3 to be a profound scripture in this regard.

A few things about me personally - as a Ventura County native I love trail running in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding areas, Shaver Lake and Camp nelson in the Kings Canyon and Sequoia National park areas (respectively) are two of my favorite spots to camp, I arguably listen to way too much Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald on a daily basis, and outside of serving as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist my other favorite job was serving people espresso as a Barista at a specialty coffee shop in the Inland Empire. Whether you decide to reach out to me or to another Therapist who might be a better fit, I am wishing you all the best in your pursuit of hope and healing.


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