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Cynthia Escobar, LMFT

Lancaster, CA, (Online only)

Areas of focus:

  • Young adults (ages 18-30) in a transitional phase of their life, who are making life decisions for their future.

  • Postpartum moms, specifically those experiencing postpartum depression.

  • Family therapy or parental support for neurodivergent children or a neurodivergent household.

  • Trained in EMDR

About Me
Asking for help can be difficult. Realizing you need to make a change or “unlearn” some habits and ideas that are not serving you well can be a bold brave move. I teach individuals and couples skills to help them through overwhelming feelings and make lifestyle changes to interrupt those destructive cycles. Whether you need to process traumatic thoughts or knock down those mental barriers that have been holding you back from your own personal goals and relationships, I would like to help you explore those needs.I believe the therapeutic process involves coming along your side and supporting your experience as you learn more about yourself and gain more power over your thoughts and your actions.My specialties include working with women’s issues, young adults, teen girls, couples counseling, family planning, premarital counseling, prenatal support, post partum, parenting strategies, juvenile delinquency, social anxiety, self esteem issues, communication/ relationships issues, family related changes and conflict, transitions in life, suicidal thoughts/ crisis planning.My primary orientation is psychodynamic and I use a variety of evidence based approaches (CBT, Solution focused, EMDR, TF CBT, positive parenting strategies, mind body techniques). I ultimately believe that our physical needs (sensory, nutrition, sleep, exercise) also have to be met in order to manage emotional and psychological needs. It’s often the small habits we are less aware of that affect our overall discomfort on a regular basis eventually leading to a spectrum of symptoms related to depression and anxiety.​I offer services through the following insurance providers: United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans, Aetna, UMR, Oscar, UHC Student Resources, AllSavers UHC, Harvard Pilgrim​. All other services are out of pocket.

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