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Relinda Fisher, LMFT

Santa Clarita, CA, (Online only)

My focus is interpersonal relationships and I work with individuals, couples, and families to help them gain greater awareness, capacity, and healing within their relational and family dynamics.

Within interpersonal relationships specific areas of my interest and focus include:

  • adoption

  • aging

  • anxiety

  • caregiving

  • chronic illness

  • depression

  • anticipatory, disenfranchised, complex & ongoing grief

  • complex, unrecognized & ambiguous losses

  • parenting

  • life transitions

About Me
I have a unique bi-cultural background having been born and raised in Holland and
moved to the United States in middle school. My Dutch father and American mother served as
missionaries in Holland and continued career ministry in the United States. I understand first-
hand the varying complexities of the relational and lifestyle dynamics of career ministry
families. Before working professionally in mental health care settings, I enjoyed a career in the
field of aging within long term care and I am a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) and
a Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrator. Additionally, I have deep understanding
and experience with caregiving and those who have chronic illness and the associated unique
and complex lifestyle dynamics within relational life. I earned my bachelor’s degree in
Psychology at Biola University and my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Marital and
Family Therapy at Azusa Pacific University, both of which included study in the integration of
Christian theology and psychology. I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(LMFT) since 2004.I am described as deeply empathic, compassionate, and realistic.  I am not a “nodding”
therapist; I do not just nod in blank agreement without giving my clients feedback.  I utilize a
palette of strategies and tools in a collaborative manner with my clients to build upon their
existing strengths within the reality of their relationships.  I do not believe in false positivity or
easy answers although challenges in life can offer us opportunities to grow into greater and
more satisfying capacities in our relationships. I am known to be a realistic curator of hidden
relational opportunities with clients who are dedicated toward insight and growth while they
are in the midst of complex circumstances.

Contact Relinda
I am currently providing telehealth appointments for California residents who are in California. (In person session are not available at this time.)My contact information is or (661) 607-6950.

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