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Six Reasons for Group Therapy

1. Groups provide a safe place to process emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

2. Groups create a nurturing environment that encourages conversation about mental health and faith.

3. It's more affordable than private therapy.

3. Groups offer an informative setting in which you can help develop awareness to promote personal and relational health.

4. “Carry each other burdens” (Gal. 6:2) - group support allows helpers to help themselves by helping others.  Participants help each other and themselves by  receiving and giving suggestions for problem solving strategies. Gal. 6:5 also encourages people to to carry their own load. We want to offer support while also helping people grow in understanding their own responsibility in growth. 

5. Groups offer the opportunity to unlearn dysfunctional behaviors, clarify distortions, and learn healthy behaviors.

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Our first therapy groups will be starting in late winter/early spring 2023.

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