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Saga Mental Health &
Relationship Centers

Welcome to Saga,
where we recruit,
equip and support.

Saga is a nonprofit organization that recruits distinctly licensed Christian therapists. We equip therapists to be more pastoral and pastors more clinical. We support the Local Church and the Christian community in cultivating healthy relationships.

Our why

  • The Mental Health Crisis in The Church.
    70% of pastors report experiencing stress-related symptoms. 80% of pastors believe that pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families. 21% of pastors report experiencing frequent burnout and an additional 27% experiencing burnout at some point in their ministry. 46% of pastors report struggling with depression. 43% of pastors consider quitting because they feel isolated and alone. 1 in 5 pastors report they have struggled with an addiction.
  • The Deterioration of Relationships & Families in Current Culture.
    43% of Americans feel that their relationships are not meaningful. 20% of Americans rarely or never feel close to people, and 18% feel like there is no one they can talk to. Nearly half (47% to 46%) of all Americans report feeling lonely or left out. Only 53% of Americans have meaningful in-person daily social interactions. Generation Z adults (born after 1997) and millennials (born between 1981-1996) have the highest rates of loneliness in history. Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide have increased for teens (50%) in the past 10 years. Millennials report higher rates of depression and anxiety compared to previous generations. 45.5% of the adult American population is unmarried, compared to 28% in 1960. 63% of unmarried adults have never been married, 23% are divorced, and 13% are widowed. 53% of singles living independently are women. More first-time mothers among millennials are unmarried (55%) than married. A third of all kids will see two live-in partners in their home with their mom by age 15, and 13% will see three or more live-in partners by that age.

Healthy people produce healthy communities

We are deeply committed to the vision of building healthy communities. We believe this happens when two communities equip one another: A community of Christian therapists working to integrate the Christian faith into their clinical practice, with a community of pastors who are being empowered with essential clinical tools to effectively support their congregations. Together, we can create a transformative environment where faith and mental health thrive, bringing wholeness, healing, and flourishing communities.

Mental health through a biblical lens

We believe in the importance of educating the Christian community about mental health topics. By equipping the Christian community with accurate information, we can break down stigmas. We want to empower individuals to engage, seek appropriate help and offer the tools they need for a healthier life.

Come and sit  at the table

We are creating a community who equips one another. 

Saga Mental Health &
Relationship Centers

25000 Avenue Stanford 
Valencia, CA 91355

(661) 513-4770

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