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Help us increase access to bible-affirming mental, relational and emotional care  by licensed Christian therapists. You help us equip clinical therapists to excel in integrating faith into their practice, while also extending consultation services to pastors addressing intricate emotional & relational challenges within their congregations. You help us in facilitating emotional and relational healing within our communities guided by Christian faith and values.

Love & Support Your Pastor

Pastors are continually looking to help others, but who is supporting the pastors? Often pastors have significant stress and Saga is providing greater professional support to help them in their role. Saga is committed to helping pastors by providing burnout prevention, greater tools to be equipped and confidential consultation for ministry stressors. Help us support local pastors in the community! Our community needs thriving churches and healthy churches need pastors who are supported. Please consider giving a monthly or one-time gift to support our local pastors.


Fatherlessness and Christian

We approach the topic of fatherlessness within the context of families and we aim to provide support to local churches. We strongly believe that churches have a unique opportunity and responsibility to address fatherlessness in our nation. Our goal at Saga is to assist Christian families with a proactive approach. Read more about gap in relationship ministries within the local church and what we are doing about it.

Ways to Give



Mail a check to 25000 Avenue Stanford, suite 219, Santa Clarita, CA 91355 & Make it out to Saga Mental Health and Relationship Centers.


Mailing Address: 515 South Flower Street, 34th Floor,  

Los Angeles CA 90071

Receiving Brokerage Firm: Northern Mutual

Clearing Firm: Perishing, LLC DTC Number: 0443

Account Number: TB1-009533

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