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Faith Integration Meetings

We are dedicated to promoting Christian faith integration and therapy, recognizing the challenges that licensed Christian therapists and ministers face in today's increasingly complex world of care. To support them in their endeavors, we are hosting online faith-integration meetings twice a month. These meetings are specifically designed to equip therapists and ministers with a powerful combination of biblical truth and psychosocial insights. By integrating these perspectives, therapists and ministers will be better equipped to provide holistic care to individuals in need. This includes assisting individuals in achieving personal wholeness, fostering interpersonal competence, preserving mental stability, and fostering spiritual maturity.

Groups for Pastors

Too often pastors don't have anyone they can reach out to seek guidance on how to navigate sensitive or complicated situations happening in their church.At Saga, we want to help provide a helpful resource in your role as a pastor. There may be a crisis, a moral failure, a conflict, a long-kept secret, or an ethical dilemma happening with an attendee at your church, and you want more tools to approach these pastoral counseling conversations.

Case Consultation Meetings

Monthly case consultation meetings for in-network therapists. The purpose of these meetings is to offer clinical support, faith-integration education, prayer, build community and help therapists network.

Saga is dedicated to promoting the centrality of Christ in all of life, including counseling. Beginning with a Christian worldview, we honor all humans as made in the image of God, and that means respecting them and working with them wherever they’re at. Christians, however, know that Christ came to heal their souls and they expect he’ll be involved in the healing process. So, when Christians come in for counseling, we need to know how to avail ourselves of Christ’s presence and the Holy Spirit’s power. The goal of our time together is to show how the therapeutic resources of the Christian faith can practically make a real difference in counseling God’s people, whether we’re working with their emotions, family-of-origin dynamics, trauma, or adultery.

Christ-centered Counseling

Therapist Fellowship Events

Our main focus is on fostering a sense of community and enjoyment! We strive to eliminate the isolation that therapists often encounter in their private practices. To achieve this, we regularly organize various activities such as laughter-filled gatherings, informative sessions, shared meals, bowling outings, delightful barbecues, and enjoyable movie nights. Moreover, we celebrate Christmas and Easter together in unique and imaginative ways. Our organization is built on the principles of establishing meaningful connections, and we aim to lead by example.

Lunch with Lance

Series bringing together  psychiatry and psychology.

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