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Professional Groups for Pastors

Who is this for?

  • These groups are for ministry leaders who want to gain additional pastoral counseling skills as they help people in need

how does it work?

  • Held online by one of our professional, distinctly Christian, licensed therapists
  • These groups are held once a month for a duration of 6 months

What is the purpose?

  • To provide a confidential environment to ask the hard questions 

  • Gain tools to approach the trickiest of circumstances in a biblically sound manner

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Too often pastors don't have anyone they can reach out to seek guidance on how to navigate sensitive or complicated situations happening in their church.

At Saga, we want to help provide a helpful resource in your role as a pastor. There may be a crisis, a moral failure, a conflict, a long-kept secret, or an ethical dilemma happening with an attendee at your church, and you want more tools to approach these pastoral counseling conversations.

Sign Up for an Introduction Meeting!

Online Introduction Meeting

December 6th, 3:30pm-4:15pm

Questions? Reach out to our Church Outreach Coordinator below!

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