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Pat Tanner

Basin, Wyoming

(661) 463-0501


My name is Pat Tanner and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. For the last 23 years I have practiced as a pastor of Biblical counseling in a church in the Antelope Valley. Retiring from full time pastoring doesn’t mean that God has completed my training or that He has no more use for the experiences He has brought me through. Much of my work has been in marital counseling, grief work, spiritual crises, end of life issues, debilitating diseases like Dementia and Parkinson’s with both the one diagnosed and their families and caregivers. Depression and anxiety are well known to me as are some of the paths through those difficult maladies. I firmly believe that Scripture is a sure foundation, that the Church can be a redemptive community and that God is invested in life and it abundantly. It is my goal to walk with those who hurt to a place where they can compassionately walk with others who currently experience the pain they have both understood and intimately know at least one path to health. You don’t have to do this alone.

Treatment Focus

Depression, End of Life Issues, Spiritual Doubt/Crisis, Anxiety, Grief


Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Care-Giving Support Group


I am not at this point on any insurance panels. I have begun the process for MHN, Tricare-HNFS, Medicare and Medi-Cal, United Healthcare and Kaiser.

Professional Setting

Online Only

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